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Special items for special applications

For various applications, we offer our customers special products. Here, too, the focus is on safe, cost-efficient solutions. Our range offers you prefabricated and pretested cable links, XLPE cables and accessories for electrostatic precipitator system. Perhaps there’s something here for you as well?

Prefabricated and pretested

The preassembled XLPE cables are fitted with terminations and can be used for connecting transformers, switchgears and overhead transmission line systems. We manufacture the cables to customised specifications for precut length and accessories. All cables are tested in our factory.

The termination for specialised requirements

Our SEHDL sealing end for electrostatic precipitator cables was developed to meet the specialised requirements applying for electrostatic precipitator systems. The SEHDL termination can be used in electrostatic precipitator systems with cables of the A2XSY 1×50/25 111 kV type.

Developed for continuous electrical stress

Südkabel developed XLPE-insulated cables for applications in electrostatic precipitator systems up to an open circuit voltage of 111 kVs. These cables are suitable for a continuously permissible conductor temperature of 90°C and a short-circuit temperature of 250°C.