Service Support is crucial

When it comes to back-up, too, you can rely on us totally. Our long-standing customers appreciate the added value provided by our comprehensive support in everything to do with cables, and our commitment to always finding the optimum solution. Whether it’s installation, trouble-shooting or a repair job that’s involved – we’re there to help you. We’ll also be pleased to handle training and skilling for your own service team or advise you on all questions involving power cables.

You as our client will avail of intelligent product- and system solutions which make our solutions more valuable. The advantage for you: more safety for your Project.

In case of an emergancy…

In case of an outage or other faults during service, then you may have need for fast support. We are of course proactively committed to providing our customers with direct, practical, can-do assistance. That’s why the telephone number below is manned for emergencies:

+49 621 8507 684

Our services include:

  • fault location
  • procuring replacement material, cables and accessories
  • repair work

We will help you as soon as possible to clear the fault.