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Progressive for more than 100 years

At Südkabel, we are proud of our heritage and everything that has been developed and achieved in Mannheim for more than 100 years. After all, we don’t just produce high quality cables and accessories, but also accomplish pioneering work – particularly in the field of XLPE technology.

This progress is supported by people with a wide range of qualifications and experience. They all distinguish Südkabel’s image. They all drive the company forward and always work in the interest of our customers.

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Every history has a beginning. So has our future…

Today’s Südkabel GmbH has changed its name several times over the last 100 years. The constant here is the focus on quality and innovation. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Founded 1898 with the name of Süddeutsche Kabelwerke (Südkabel) in Mannheim.
  • 1970 by combining several companies the Kabel- und Lackdrahtenfabriken GmbH (Kabel+Draht) was formed.
  • Kabel+Draht was owned by Brown, Boveri & Cie. AG (BBC) for 18 years. After formation of the ABB group by merging Asea and BBC in 1988 the company’s name was changed to ABB Kabel und Draht.
  • From 1997 the power cables business was continued with the company name of ABB Energiekabel GmbH.
  • Starting 1st January 2004 Johann Erich Wilms took over the cable and accessory plants with all activities in Mannheim from ABB. Since then the company carries its traditional name Südkabel GmbH.

Innovation runs through our blood

We not only talk about innovation. We realise innovation. Have a look by yourself:

  • 1898 foundation of Süddeutsche Kabelwerke (Südkabel) in Mannheim
  • 1936 low pressure oil-filled cables for 110 kV
  • 1961 low pressure oil-filled cables for 220 kV
  • 1971 low pressure oil-filled cables for 275 kV
  • 1973 first 110 kV XLPE insulated cable system
  • 1988 first 220 kV XLPE insulated cable system
  • 1996 first 400 kV XLPE insulated cable system in Europe
  • 1999 development 500 kV XLPE insulated cable system
  • 2003 expansion of plug-in terminations to 500 kV
  • 2008 development of one-piece pre-molded joint up to 500 kV
  • 2018 development of HVDC cable systems from 320 kV to 525 kV

Out know-how-advantage

At our premises of over 140 000 m² we plan and produce (extra) high voltage cables, medium voltage cables as well as broad range of cable accessories. In modern plants we work with state of the art working technologies.

With our high performance stranding machine we a are capable to manufacture segmented conductors up to the largest cross-sections. Drum weighing 50 t are moved around easily through the factory and to the shipping area. Production robots used in our accessory plant are expression of our high technological manufacturing standards.

The key to our common success

“We can always improve!” is our credo in quality of our company. This commitment is valid for all divisions and products, colleagues and suppliers. This is the only way to comply to your high expectations as a client. Only this way we move Südkabel further forward.

Quality, environmental protection, health and safety, and energy management – four of our key points in our corporate policy.

The quality, health and safety and environmental policies as well as the energy management are incorporated in all company divisions and are in the responsibility of the executive board with active support by all colleagues.

We are certified in quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001), environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001), energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001) and health and safety management (DIN EN ISO 45001, former OHSAS 18001).

Find our certificates in the download section.

The list of our working and hazardous substances is in revision. We will send you appropriate information on justified request.

Please see our training section.